Restoring the Ecological Integrity of the Wekepeke Watershed


Welcome to the Wekepeke Watershed Restoration Initiative's (WWRI) Website. The WWRI is a watershed-wide committee of town and state officials, residents, professionals and conservation organizations who are concerned about the current health of the Wekepeke Brook Watershed. The mission of the Wekepeke group is to improve the ecological status of the brook and to provide educational and service oriented experiences to the community. The group was formed in September of 2011 to make use of Nestle Waters North America's recently released scientific report on the Wekepeke's instream habitat status.

The Wekepeke Watershed Restoration Initiative members serve on many boards, committees and agencies both within the watershed and throughout the state. WWRI is comprised mostly of volunteers from: CMTU Chapter #148; Town administrations and Conservation Commissions from Sterling, Lancaster, Leominster and Clinton; the Nashua River Watershed Association; Mass Department of Fisheries and Wildlife; Christopher Environmental; Sholan Farms; Nestle Waters North America; Northeast Geoscience Inc.; Leominster Trail Stewards and numerous concerned citizens of the watershed. The committee is currently led by the Rushing Rivers Institute (RRI), a Massachusetts based non-profit river ecology group that was hired by Nestle Waters North America to characterize the quality of the stream habitat and quantify the potential biological changes, if any, of the company's 2007 proposed water withdrawals in Sterling, MA. RRI continues to receive funding from Nestle Waters North America (NWNA) to promote the restoration of the river based on science developed during the Wekepeke ecological study and in support of their organizational role on the committee. NWNA works with partners to improve watersheds across the county - learn more. The company has chosen to support the Wekepeke Watershed Restoration Initiative and the watershed itself by providing matching funds on watershed improvement grants received by WWRI and through administrative support.​ Learn more about members and member organization on the About Us page.

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